Green European Opera

What is Musicville?

Musicville is a project between Slovenia, Croatia and Austria running from 2023 until end of 2024 that aims to transform the classical European musical form of Opera into a new, innovative, and creative collaboration inspired by environmental awareness, nature, local crafts, and traditions. At the heart of the project are sustainable, participatory and interdisciplinary artistic practices with the aim of activating different communities and audiences. | [email protected]facebook / musicville | instagram / @musicville

It strives to answer the questions

How can resources and knowledge from the field of art and sustainability be combined? How can contemporary cultural production be presented in rural areas? How can artists be helped to create new business opportunities while protecting the environment?

It provides a framework for connecting an international group of artists of different disciplines (music, theatre, architecture, visual arts, design, performance…) to work together with the local expert communities (agriculture, arts & crafts), environmental professionals, and cultural, and scientific experts.

The idea behind the project is to improve the resilience and well-being of artists by learning new skills in a practical and peer to-peer approach, enabling artists to collaborate with young and experienced professionals from a variety of artistic and non-artistic backgrounds to create new and unexpected venues for contemporary music production and presentation.

Final presentation – Green European Opera

Green European Opera is the final presentation of the collaboration between artists/participants and mentors, and the merging of all events during the project. The opera is presented through a series of three audio/visual performances in a smaller rural place of the partner countries (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia) which are formed into an opera in three acts and bring together artists from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds. One of the important goals is to contribute to the development of tourism and refreshment of the economic and social life of rural areas.

Final events

31.08.24, 19:00: NUDE STORIES, Museum of Madness, Castle Cmurek, Trate, Slovenia

28.09.24: REFLECTIONS ON FRIENDSHIP, Pavelhaus, Laafeld, Austria

04.10.24: THE MONUMENT OF TENDERNESS, Monument to the uprising of the people of banija and kordun, Petrova gora, Vojnić, Croatia


Glasbarium Institute – project coordinator
Vasko Atanasovski, chief artistic director, general project manager
Katjuša Štingl, PR officer

Lab852, Croatia – project partner
Karmen Krasić Kožul – director / project manager / curator
Marija Kamber – project assistant / curator
Gabrijela Mamić – PR officer

Artikel-VII-Kulturverein für Steiermark – Pavelhaus
Kulturno društvo Clen 7 za avstrijsko Štajersko – Pavlova hiša, Austria – project partner
Susanne Weitlaner, president
Karola Sakotnik, project manager
Paula Marschalek, communication manager

This project is commissioned by the European Union.