Philo Klang

Philo-Analysis with Total Music

dr. Magdalena Germek – philosophical analysis through storytelling

Vasko Atanasovski – total music in time

Magdalena Germek, Doctor of Philosophy, and Vasko Atanasovski, composer and musician, have developed a special methodology of combining philosophy and music, named Philo Klang, which enables a therapeutic cathartic experience of effective and thorough cleansing of the mind and thoughts.

Philo Klang is based on the theoretical position that man is first of all a thinking being, which means that all our activities, mutual relations, touch with the inner essence and orientation in the world come from thinking and the unit of thought, which we must learn to hear. With this, Philo Klang also develops the philosophical insight of the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan which claims that even the forms that we usually experience as irrational or illogical (such as dreams, emotions, unconscious slips and affects) are pure form of thinking, and transformation of the preconscious material of thought.

Since everything that happens to us is in our minds, as well as our emotions, Philo Klang with a detailed analysis produces a complete purification of mind and thus leads to a clear insight into actual problems, blockages and traumas. Simultaneously, with the sharpness of logic and the hypnosis (magic) of sound, it offers a step-by-step holistic solution.

For group sessions, Philo Klang has developed archetypal stories, which it offers through the organic and synthetic methodology of Philo-analysis, philosophical storytelling and musical initiation. The stories deal in depth with current and universal problems of human being, personality, states, processes, and pathological thoughts. The themes that Philo Klang unfolds are the modern phenomena of narcissism, psychopathy, psychosis, depression, sadness, melancholy, anger, … and the stories also develop on the fly and as needed.

Sessions are conducted through a special listening method that takes place at the level of thought and sound. The process is not verbally interactive, but the interactivity is shifted to the level of listening, which enables an in-depth and group meditative therapeutic approach.

The Philo Klang treatment lasts approximately 2 hours. A place is needed that allows peace and where the participants can settle down comfortably. In principle, the number of participants is not limited, but it depends on the suitability of the space. In cases of larger participation, the event is performed with a sound system.

We adapt the PHILO KLANG method also to different needs, such as:

  • business ethics
  • creativity support
  • effective leadership
  • self-confident performance
  • etc.

For specific needs we also design treatments on demand.

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